Sure, our FREE inSSIDer Wi-Fi scanner software can show you information about Wi-Fi traffic, but it's blind to any physical RF issues. And it's those bad-boys that are causing a large percentage of wireless networking problems. Without a robust Wi-Fi tool to examine the physical RF layer, you will only know WHEN things go bad, but never WHY.

That's why MetaGeek developed it's line of Wi-Spy products. These full-featured and award-winning portable spectrum analyzers display all RF activity around you, picking-up wireless networks, microwaves, cordless phones, and anything else that could potentially interfere with your network.

Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers make troubleshooting wireless simple and effective. So while you're here poaching our FREE inSSIDer software, why don't you check out our complete line-up of Wi-Spy tools. We've developed one to cover every possible level of network geek.